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Purchased the Spray Collar from another store? Read our training guide!

What makes our company Your Best Friend in Cloth Diapering? 

Easy to Use!


Diaper Dawgs’ products quickly install – most times with just a slip of the hand – for a more sanitary cloth cleaning experience because cloth is indeed easy!

Easy to Clean!


Squirt your Diaper Dawgs or Spray Collar with disinfectant or sud them up with antibacterial soap. Don’t forget to wash our wipes with your dipes!

Easy to Store!


Hang Diaper Dawgs anywhere or leave standing upright. The Spray Collar remains on your sprayer, and our wipes stay on your changing table!

Hard Not to Love!


A cute dog motif followed by bright colors make our products the perfect companions for a cloth-diapering parent. Cleaning is fun again…well, better!

Check out our newest AIO!

It’s just one way we’re keeping things simple for cloth families everywhere!