Cloth diapering? There's a faster way to deal with that doo. Take a look how...

At first I hated the collar...

until I learned how to use it properly. Now I Love it. It takes up a lot less room, too. My sprayer will sit backwards in its base with the collar on, so there's no set up every time.   - Anonymous,

I was smiling the whole time.

You know with the spray collar hubby actually helps out and rinses the diapers! Whoa! He tells me that it works and that the poop doesn't splash everywhere. So now, you know it's dad approved! He gave it a thumbs up! - Lily D,

Were those angels singing?

I never thought of be happy where poo was involved. But, I am. I can cloth diaper my toddler daughter without losing my mind because of this product. It fits easily on my sprayer and was ready to use...It really is no muss, no fuss. - K. Davis,

We love it!

There is no bathroom cleanup, no poo or water spray...It can stay attached to the sprayer at all times, and it is super convenient! We keep a container of Clorox wipes in the bathroom and use those for a quick clean up when the collar gets messy. I've owned a lot of other cloth diaper accessories, and this is by far my favorite! - Tara E,

I will be loyal to your brand!

DH got it in and used it this morning...he said if we had this from the beginning he would have never doubted cloth diapering. - Tiffany W,

The Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar is your “Best Friend” because it’s… 

Easy to Use!


 Mounts easily onto most diaper sprayers in only two steps.

Easy to Clean!


Spray with a disinfectant and pat dry between use.

Easy to Store!


Because it doesn’t need storage…leave it on your sprayer!

Hard Not to Love!


It’s the FASTER way to handle poopy cloth diapers. Period.