• Dirty Cloth Diapers?

    We've got **it covered.
  • Tired of poop trauma drama? There's really a better way.
    • This is the most genius product on the cloth diapering market. I ordered a diaper dawgs sprayer with collar and when it arrived today, I was able to hook it up in 15 minutes. This basically is foolproof and gets EVERYTHING off…I’m so glad I purchased this. One Lysol wipe and I was done. Already telling all my other CD friends about it. Good product thank you very much!

      Jodi M.
    • You know with the spray collar hubby actually helps out and rinses the diapers! He tells me that it works and that the poop doesn’t splash everywhere. So now, you know it’s dad approved! He gave it a thumbs up!

      Lily D.
    • There is no bathroom cleanup, no poo or water spray. It can stay attached to the sprayer at all times and is super convenient. I’ve owned other cloth diaper accessories and this my favorite!

      Tara E.
    • At first I hated the collar until I learned how to use it properly. Now I Love it. It takes up a lot less room too. My sprayer will sit backwards in its base with it on, so there’s no set up every time.

    • I will be loyal to your brand! DH got it in and used it this morning…he said if we had this from the beginning he would have never doubted cloth diapering.

      Tiffany W.
    • I wish I had this awesome sprayer from day one! No more poop stuck inside the gussets of our diapers and less staining! I get kind of excited every time I need to use it, is that weird!?!

      Leah H.
    • Great product! My husband uses it mostly… it took him a few tries to get used to spraying diapers in general but now he does 99% of the dirty diapers. If that’s not a good testimonial, I don’t know what is 😉

      Danielle T.
  • The Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar is your “Best Friend” because it’s…

    • Easy to Use

      Assemble only ONE TIME onto most diaper sprayers – set it then forget it.

    • Easy to Clean

      Ultra COMPACT with less surface area to disinfect than other shields.

    • Easy to Store

      Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Spray Collar needs no kind of storage.

  • Arctic Wolf's Features

    • Ultra Light 3 oz
    • Completely Transparent
    • Fun Splash of Glitter
    • Best Travel-Friendly Shield
    • Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
    • Works with Most Sprayer Brands
    • Auto-Ships with All DD Sprayers