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Easy to Use!


Slip Diaper Dawgs onto your fingers, then open its jaw to fetch and separate baby’s soiled diaper insert for a more sanitary laundry experience.

Easy to Clean!


You can choose to either sud your Diaper Dawgs up with antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water or just toss into a sterilizing steam bag.

Easy to Store!


Use Diaper Dawgs’ open mouth construction to rest your Dawg on your changing table carousel or basket after that long, stinky diaper walk!

Hard Not to Love!


A cute dog design and color pairs make Diaper Dawgs the perfect “companions” for the cloth-diapering mom! Laundry day is fun again…well, better.

So, what are Diaper Dawgs?

Watch the introductory video to hear the story behind Diaper Dawgs™.