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  • Time is your most precious asset.

    I was reminded of that when I lost my mother to an aneurysm in 2011. By the grace of God, I was there on her transition to glory every step of the way. I remember sitting at the foot of her hospital bed, counting each gasp of breath she took, wondering which moment would be her last. 

    It was at 9:13 am.

    I didn’t appreciate time until there wasn’t much left. Nine months later, in the month of my mom’s birthday, I found out I was pregnant with my first son. Perfect timing, right?

  • But I was dealt yet another blow. My son is autistic. Although he looks perfectly healthy and is amazingly handsome, his autism has his mind locked away in a prison, unable to form words. So I watch as time flies by, as he grows rapidly, without yet having the honor of hearing him call me “mama” or having the pleasure to chat about his perspective on life, even if it’s to complain about his younger brother’s unwillingness to respect toy boundaries.

  • You’re buying back time with those who matter most."

  • When you buy from Diaper Dawgs, you’re not just buying finger guards, sprayers, or shields…you’re buying back time with those who matter most. That may be a few minutes of counting “little piggies” or a few more moments of pretending an old box is a Tardis – it’s NOT dealing with poop.

    When I started cloth diapering with my first, I wasted so much time playing the “avoid” game – handling poop is intimidating and stinky. I was elbow-deep in so much crap, I was losing out on the glitz & glam of mommyhood! 

    Tired of it all but trying to remain positive on this whole cloth diapering thing, a lightbulb went off when I saw a pair of kitchen gloves. EUREKA – I saw a lot of crap in my future!

  • Diaper Dawgs Finger Guards help you avoid having to unsnap or unstuff wet or poo’ed on cloth diapers. Ever had that peculiar whiff of something bad from your fingernails? That’s not old mayo…it’s the cloth diaper poop you missed under your fingernails while hand washing.

    Or maybe a poop-concentrated overspray droplet bounced right on your bottom lip again? Well I invented the Spray Collar to stop that mess from going outside the toilet, onto your floors, and most importantly, your lovely face.

  • That crap is nasty, and it’s a serious matter – fecal matter, that is. Cloth diapers are seriously confusing enough on their own. Raise your hand if you secretly don’t know what aplix is? And washing? Well visit any cloth diaper blog, and you’ll discover some laundry routines that are on par with chemistry lab experiments.

    So naturally, the “cleaning” part about cloth diapers tends to be a dealbreaker to folks new to cloth. But if your baby is on solid food, you HAVE to clean that poop off before you throw those dipes in the washer. While it’s unavoidable, it’s certainly not unmanageable. Don’t worry about dealing with that doo – we’ve got you COVERED. Rest assured while you’re doing the best for your baby, your budget, and your environment, you’ll be clean and dry – isn’t the impact of cloth diapers awesome?

  • It’s a serious matter – fecal matter, that is."

  • Avoid poop like a ninja while traveling through Bumland."

  • Diaper Dawgs’ mission is to make the crappy part about cloth diapers simple, clean, and FASTWe do that with a line of products that clean crap in a snap! Our products minimize your contact with poop, so you touch less of that mess. Having trouble getting your partner or caregiver on board with cloth diapers? Let Diaper Dawgs bring them to the cloth side [insert evil laugh here while channelling Star Wars].

    Our “hero” product is the Spray Collar. I brainstormed for months to design a smaller, lighter sprayer shield that needed no assembly and no toilet interaction, thereby limiting your potential exposure to icky germs…because who has time to get sick? Not busy parents like you, that’s who. You might appreciate not having a shield taking a skinny dip in the same place the ‘ol hubs laid a bomb the previous morning 😉 The only poo our shield touches is baby’s, and we like it that way.

  • Double Dooty Cloth Wipes, with 360º pocket protection, help you avoid poop like a ninja while traveling through Bumland during a diaper change. Stop folding over that tiny cloth wipe to a clean side again and again until all your left with is a crap-covered throwing star. No one’s got time for that.

  • We also have reusable flushable liners and two diaper sprayer models with dual spray settings and a Spray Collar that fits right inside the same package (the only brand capable of bundling like this), saving you time AND space with spraying.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed the overarching theme with “dogs.” We’re a Chihuahua family (we like small things). And the rest is history. Nope, scratch that. The rest is our future, and I hope you join us as a parent choosing cloth for your child.

    Diaper Dawgs is carried in 50+ boutique stores both domestically and internationally. Our products are well-loved and recommended tools for making cloth diaper laundering easier and more sanitary for parents and caregivers. I’m proud to be one of the few black-owned, non-artisan manufacturer in this industry, but my heart lies in diversifying the cloth community both on the consumer and business level. As you can tell from my family, we love diversification 😉

  • We'll make that crappy part about cloth diapers easy and FAST."

  • Regardless, I want to give you back the minutes I didn’t have with my mother – the milestones I’ve missed with my first son…the ones I’m catching with my youngest. There’s life beyond diapers. I hope Diaper Dawgs can give you back more moments worth enjoying.

    Thank you for considering inviting our family into yours and for deciding to #choosecloth.

  • You Have Our Sincerest Gratitude


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