Product Line Overview

sanitary solutions for cloth diapers
  • We've got **it covered.

    We’re a quirky cloth diaper brand with an entire line of tools dedicated to helping parents touch less of that mess.

    With finger guards, liners, wipes, sprayers, and a signature sprayer shield, DD products work together to get busy parents from the changing room to the bathroom to the laundry room with ease – Attaboy!

  • Spray Collar

    It's the FASTEST way to rinse cloth diapers. Period.
    • SAVE TIME – set it, then forget it…no repeat assembly
    • SAVE SPACE – the only shield that fits in the palm of your hand
    • MORE SANITARY – limit toilet bowl bacteria exposure
    • EASY TO CLEAN – small surface area means quicker cleanup
    • CRYSTAL CLEAR – see everything being cleaned without lifting
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  • Finger Guards

    It's the FIRST line of defense.
    • WHIMSICAL – dog-shaped finger mitts in fun colors
    • VERSATILE – use for spraying or retrieving dirty inserts
    • PERFECTLY SIZED – proprietary sized mitts only cover fingers
    • EASY TO CLEAN – wash with water and antibacterial soap
    • DURABLE – stain resistant, tear resistant, and latex-free
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  • Toilet Diaper Sprayer

    The only COMPLETE diaper spraying kit.
    • AFFORDABLE – get a dual mode sprayer AND compact shield
    • TWO SETTINGS – choose a wide spray or a targeted jet stream
    • VERSATILE – use for personal hygiene or potty bowl cleanup
    • GUARANTEED – 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects
    • BONUS SHIELD – no repeated setup & décor-friendly
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  • Reusable Diaper Liners

    Touch LESS of that mess away or at home.
    • COMFORTABLE – made of 100% ultra soft, bamboo viscose
    • CONVENIENT – toss in the trash or occasionally in the toilet
    • AFFORDABLE – reuse unsoiled liners with hand washing
    • PROTECTIVE – prevents cloth diaper lining staining
    • TRAVEL FRIENDLY – great for outings, daycares, or caregivers
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  • Pocket Cloth Wipes

    The ONLY wipe with 360º hand protection
    • UNIQUE – 360º pocket for hand protection during changes
    • ULTRA SOFT – unbleached bamboo terry in a “bone” color
    • ABSORBENT – 2-ply, double-sided bamboo for stronger wipes
    • VERSATILE – for sick noses, messy faces, bums, and bath time
    • REVERSIBLE – just enough texture and just enough softness
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  • Shower Diaper Sprayer

    The HOTTEST diaper sprayer kit.
    • HOT WATER – no special plumbing/adapters needed
    • TWO SETTINGS – choose a wide spray or a targeted jet stream
    • DISCREET – hides in shower away from little hands and guests
    • AFFORDABLE – get a dual mode sprayer AND compact shield
    • TRAVEL FRIENDLY – install an extra diverter at in-laws or RV
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