Wholesale Inquiries

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    We’ve partnered with Green Team Enterprises – they are the exclusive U.S. distributor for Diaper Dawgs. We also have a European distributor through Andreas Wolk Textilien.

    Ordering through a distributor can be easier for retailers who carry a wide range of products. Not only can retailers do one-stop shopping for their entire store inventory, but they only have to meet the order requirements for that one distributor versus having to keep up with multiple ordering requirements for each manufacturer carried.

    As such, all Diaper Dawgs’ product wholesale inquiries must go directly through Green Team for US orders and Andreas Wolk Textilien for EU Orders, as a courtesy to our awesome relationship with both parties. Read our Terms of Sale. 

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    Diaper Dawgs' products MAY NOT be sold on Amazon, Ebay, Hyena Cart or any other 3rd-party websites.

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